Rockwood Church Seeks to Do Four Things Well:


A fun welcoming atmosphere at Rucker-Stewart Middle School designed to inspire people from all backgrounds. The friendly people, warm coffee, fantastic kids area and up-to-date music will make it something the whole family can enjoy!


Having a variety of interest-based groups allows us to connect relationally and find people to enjoy doing life together. Our approach to church is that “the people” are who define what any given church ultimately looks like. Our Connect Group ministry is an integral part of that conviction.


An introduction into the ministry of Rockwood, including the Access Rockwood Church and Discover Class to introduce you to life at RC and to discover the God-given potential inside you!


Extraordinary people together doing unprecedented things! After discovering some of your unique abilities in our Growth Process we will give you opportunity to use your gifts to serve others in our music, logistics, kid’s, small-group and greeter ministries.


 Four Components to Our Worship Experience:

A place where people gather.

Our Sound Mind Cafe is an excellent place to meet and greet other people just like you. We offer free donuts, bagels, muffins, coffee, and bottled water at every Sunday experience. Our bistro tables are inviting and designed to promote friendly conversation.

A place where Jesus is Celebrated.

Our contemporary praise and worship is an invitation to lift up the name of Jesus in the 21st Century. Our music is life-giving and God honoring in it’s style and substance. We spend time every Sunday celebrating the person and deity of Jesus with our music.

A place where the Bible is preached and taught.

Our messages are relevant & life-giving. Our teaching and preaching is from the Bible, God’s Word. Our every effort is to stay true to the text of Scripture and show it’s relevance for our day. It may be a surprise to you that God has a message tailormade just for you!

A place where people are invited to experience God and hear His voice.

Our main reason for the Sunday morning experience is that we might experience God. In each service we allow time for you to know God and to give opportunity for you to connect with Him in a real and personal way. We build in time in each service and offer a non-threatening approach to responding to the Lord.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What goes on during your church services?

Our Sunday morning service begins at 10:00am. We encourage you to come early and enjoy coffee in our Sound Mind Cafe area in the lobby. We open our services with a time of celebrating the Lord together with the RC Band. Pastor Shane Ogle then preaches a life-giving message that both inspires and challenges you to go deeper with God. Opportunity is always given to receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Our genuine desire is to welcome all to the brand new life the Bible has to offer!

What Should I Wear?

Rockwood Church is made up of a diverse group of folks. Our atmosphere is pretty relaxed. Most folks wear blue jeans or khaki pants and a nice shirt (it varies from t-shirts to nice button-up shirts). Come as you are (within reason, of course)!

What does Rockwood Church have for my children?

Sunday mornings offer Nursery Age Children to 5th Grade Children Classes that are especially designed to teach your child the timeless truths of Jesus. Our well-equipped volunteers love children and are ready to assist you in any way they can.

What Ministries does Rockwood Church have to offer?

Rockwood Church really has just one mission: to introduce people to a brand new life in Jesus. Rockwood Church exists to see people encounter the incredible life that God offers us through Jesus Christ in all areas of life. We believe that the life God gives starts with a relationship with Him, but flows into finances, marriage, careers, parenting, and even recreation. We believe in devoloping leaders for ministry, and that “the people” should be the expression of Christ, in any given environment, whether in the church or in the community.